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Le syndrome néphritique est également connu sous le nom de glomérulonéphrite rapidement progressive

Filariasis is an infection of the lymph notes caused by a parasite. This is a chronic condition and is endemic in many parts of the world, usually the tropical and sub-tropical areas. Filariasis

is also known as elephantiasis, since it causes swelling of the lymph nodes and subcutaneous tissue, usually in the entire legs and feet, resulting in elephant-like feet. This infection may persist for years in spite of adequate treatment. Initial symptoms include recurrent fever, swelling, redness and heat in the affected area, and pain. In the chronic phase, most people have painless swelling.

The Ayurvedic treatment for filariasis consists of using herbal medicines which are known to act on the filarial infection. Treatment destroys the parasites present within the blood and lymph nodes. In addition, treatment is given to treat the blood as well as the lymph fluid, so that infection as well as obstruction can be prevented or reduced as early as possible. This treatment also reduces swelling in the subcutaneous tissue. Reduction of blockage and swelling is paramount in the successful treatment of filariasis. This can prevent the further formation of elephantiasis or elephant-foot, which is very difficult to treat and can be only surgically corrected.

In addition to destroying the filarial parasite, medicines are also given to remove the dead parasites as well as generated toxins through the intestines as well as the kidneys. This result in an early resolution of all the symptoms related to filarial infection. With this treatment, redness, heat and pain resolve rapidly. People affected with filariasis, who commence treatment at an early stage, benefit the most. Treatment commenced after several years of infection is usually not very successful; however, even at this stage, if the blockage in the lymph nodes and glands can be reduced surgically, further treatment can be done with the help of Ayurvedic medicines, so as to treat the condition completely.

Ayurvedic treatment, if started early and taken regularly for long periods, can thus help to completely treat filariasis infection.

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